My Needle’s Song, or Neulani laulu, is the product of many years of needlework. My Finnish grandmother taught me to embroider when I was about 3, and I have almost always had a needle close by ever since. Now, it is my life. I get to stitch or design every day and I love it. While I lived in Texas, I used to dream of having my own needlework shop – the kind filled with all sorts of inspiration and temptations, and walls covered by exquisite designs. I recently moved to Finland, and with the help of my husband, my dreams may well come true.

I now have my items in 5 different online platforms to make it very convenient for you. All four will offer you the security of shopping with PayPal, which means your sensitive credit card information is never revealed to me. Each one will have slightly different stock as time goes on.  Pricing and features are slightly different too but it depends on how much I am spending for the privilege of their technology.

  • Headquarters – This shop is all business. All the products, all the time. This is on TicTail.
  • The Galleria – The shining jewel of the family.  This uses the Zibbet platform
  • The Boutique –  The shop that started it all. This shop will always have a selection of the best of my items plus the newest along with all PDF pattern downloads. This shop is on Etsy.
  • The Showcase – The shop that will have the largest selection of my items. Storenvy is the platform and it is geared towards the US.
  • The Bazaar – The newest member. This one is on DaWanda and much more European. It will carry a wider range of international-flavored items.

I know, it only sounds confusing. If you have questions about where an item is or how to get it, you can always send me an email and I will help you.

It isn’t just about stitching for my shops. I also stitch for those in need. Quilts for Older Children and Adults is a wonderful group of people who create handmade quilts and lap quilts for children and adults who are critically ill or trying to cope with serious, life-long illnesses. Stitchers are presented with one or two candidates each month and pledge to stitch a quilt panel. This group also actively donates to other stitch-oriented groups like Love Quilts and Canada Stitches. They have also adoped the Blind Cat Sanctuary in North Carolina and do Christmas Ornaments each year to help raise funds.

Most of my giving energy is devoted to Canada Stitches. We started as part of another group but decided that we didn’t want to focus just on premature infants. Children going through cancer treatments need love. Animal shelters often use handmade items to raise money to help defray costs. We wanted to form a group that embraced the needs of Canadians, and not just one segment.



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