Did you inherit a box of needlework that you don’t know what to do with? Did you pick out fabric and floss for a design you really like but find it is just too hard for you? What about learning to stitch for yourself? Don’t fret. My Needle’s Song can help you. I don’t want to quote a price here because much of it will depend on the size and complexity of your design. I am just as comfortable working on Aida fabrics (large squares) as I am with the more delicate evenweaves and linens. There is no additional charge for stitching on evenweave or black fabric.


  • Completion of Works in Progress
    Sometimes we are “gifted” with a partially completed piece of needlework and either don’t know how to do that type of stitching, or are unable to finish it ourselves. You don’t have to give up on getting it completed. I have done Needlepoint, Crewel Work, regular Embroidery, and Counted Cross Stitch for many years. If you send an email to me at needlesong at gmail dot com, I will give you a fair and honest quote on what it will take for me to complete your needlework.



  • “Ghost” Stitching
    Did you find a design you absolutely have to have but can’t do a single stitch? No problem. I will be more than happy to stitch for you. In fact, I love these sorts of challenges. I don’t mind if you take the credit for the stitching, either. Let me know what designer and chart, and I will give you a very fair quote.



  • Custom Design and Stitching
    I am able to chart my own designs. Do you have something you would love to have but can’t find it already charted? Drop me a line. If it is out of my skill set, I will get you in touch with a designer who can probably create your dream for you. Yes, I do have photo conversion software!



  • Classes/Tutoring
    I am more than happy to sit with you and teach you what I know. I have been stitching for many many years and am part of the DMC Mentor program. That really means I have access to their teaching materials and special designs. I don’t place an age limit on my teaching. I will work with children as well as adults. I prefer small classes. Right now, my Finnish language skills are lacking, but… I can still demonstrate and I do have some teaching materials developed for Finnish classes. I can travel short distances, which means I can help you best in the Satakunta area of Western Finland.


Please do drop me a note at needlesong at gmail dot com if you have questions or I can help you fill your needlework dreams.